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Safety Team Contacts

If your special event requires permits, licenses or safety approvals, the safety teams will be in contact with you. However, feel free to contact them anytime.

If you have specific questions related to your event and safety, please contact the appropriate safety team. Their contact info is listed below.

Safety Teams Contact Info

ASU Police Department:

Fire Marshal:

  • Contact: E-mail asufire@asu.edu or call (480) 965-1823
    • Fire Permit - 10 days in advance

Emergency Medical Services (EMS):

Risk and Emergency Management:

Parking and Transit:

Facilities Management:

Food Safety:

Animal Safety (Office of Research Integrity and Assurance):

  • 21 days advance notification of any live animals used during events required
  • Contact: E-mail IACUC@asu.edu or call 480-965-6788

Sustainable Practices:

Office of University Events & Protocol


COVID-19 Exposure Protocol

If an attendee to your event reports they have tested positive or have been exposed to COVID-19,  DO NOT contact the other attendees of your event. You should direct the reporting attendee to the following resources:

If the attendee is an ASU employee or community member:

They should visit the Employee wellness exposure management webpage for public health guidelines and instructions.

If the attendee is an ASU Student:

They should visit ASU Health Services, or call 480-965-3349 if they are sick and need to schedule an appointment. Students should also contact their professors.